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Use the following guidelines to choose your child's fiddle or guitar class.

Fiddle I: Knows basic technique; a few easy fiddle tunes; one octave A and D Major scales; or is in the 2nd half of Suzuki Bk 1 or beginning of Vol 1 of American Fiddle Method.

Fiddle II: In addition to Beginning Fiddle I skills, plays the two-octave G Major scale and arpeggios.

Fiddle III: Plays with good technique; knows a number of intermediate-level fiddle tunes; or is in Suzuki Bks 2-3 or middle to end of Vol 1 of American Fiddle Method.

Fiddle IV: Mastered basic technique; has a solid repertoire of fiddle tunes in a number of keys; or is in Suzuki Bk 4 or Vol 2 of American Fiddle Method.

Guitar I: Student should know G-C-D chords and can change between them. Students just starting out are also welcome.

Guitar II: Student should know G-C-D-A-E chords and change between them. They should be able to strum a basic low note, strum, low note, strum.

Guitar III: Student should should be able to play any simple melody on the guitar using more than one string.

Experience / Instruction and Other Notes
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and describe the instruction they have received
Other Notes (eg allergies, physical limitations, etc)

BGA is free for kids. People ask us how we can afford to offer a program like this. It IS costly to produce, but we simply believe in passing these great traditions on to future generations. And we don’t want to exclude anyone. If you feel the same way and you have the resources to help, here’s what you can do:  

You can support BGA by donating to the Grey Fox Educational Fund, a 501.c.3 non-profit entity of the festival. You can donate in person at the festival or by send a tax-deductible donation to Grey Fox Educational Fund, c/o Lucia Sperato, 705 York Road, Baltimore MD 21204. Please note on your check that the donation is for the Bluegrass Academy for Kids.

Another way to support the academy is to purchase BGA tee shirts. Let us know the quantities you’d like us to order. We’ll hold them for you to pick them up at the festival. Send no money in advance. Shirts are $15 each.

    Child S (8-10)
    Child M (10-12)
    Adult S
    Adult M
    Adult L
    Adult XL
    Adult XXL

Parental Permission & Waiver

My child will be at Grey Fox all four days and agrees to attend all sessions of the Bluegrass Academy for Kids. My child will bring his or her own instrument. I agree to hold Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival harmless for any activity associated with my child’s participation in the Bluegrass Academy for Kids. This includes personal injury and any damage that might occur to any instrument and personal property being used in the activity.

I have read and agree with all the conditions set forth in the Parental Permission & Waiver.

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